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More time with your family thanks to the new
Kenwood MultiCooker

Career, family, household – homemakers need to make best use of every minute. If your aim is to cook healthy and tasty meals in the minimum time, then it's worth considering the new kCook CCC200WH from Kenwood. At the touch of a button, the compact kitchen processor plus cooker will, chop, cook or steam whatever you put in it. With 3 preprogrammed cook functions, 3 temperature settings and 3 mixing speeds, you have a huge choice of delicious recipes for every day. Favourites like risotto, Bolognese or chilli con carne almost cook themselves with the kCook. The stainless steel cooking bowl holds 1.5 litres, enough for a hungry family.

Cooking on autopilot

Vegetables, fish and meat are extra healthy if they're steamed – nutrients and the vivid colours are preserved, carrots and broccoli stay crisp and fresh. This is why the kCook features a steaming program and comes with a special steamer basket. There are two other automatic cooking programs, one for making soups and sauces and the other for one-pot meals. The programs have up to four cooking stages – from pre-cooking and cooking to a fast-cook mode for especially tender ingredients. The kCook display tells you when one cooking stage has ended and it's time to add more ingredients. Then you simply press "Start" again and the kCook continues with the next stage of the cooking program you've selected – with the correct temperature and the optimal beating speed. If you ignore the beep, the kCook automatically goes into a 30-minute keep-warm mode.


The clear and simple display panel lets you easily keep track of the cooking process. One especially practical feature is the green "tick" symbol – when it appears you know that you can safely leave the kCook to cook away on its own for a while. The KCook programs stop automatically when they finish. And if playing or homework takes too long, don't worry, the MultiCooker will keep the food warm.

Chopping onions without tears

The kCook works to make your life easier from the start. Vegetables are chopped up – using the blades and the chopping function – right in the bowl where they will be cooked. This means no more tears with chopping onions and less washing up. The 3 temperature settings deliver exactly the temperature required for each of the cooking phases – for warming (65°C), simmering (92°C) and boiling (100°C). There are three settings for stirring too: constant stirring, eg, for sauces, or stirring with pauses of 5 or 30 seconds. The latter is the one to choose for cooking rice, foe example. Time, temperature and stirring speed are selected manually by simply pressing a button – ideal, if your meal needs a few minutes more in the cooker. This smart kitchen appliance comes with all the attachments you need for all the tasks – blade insert, stirring paddle and steamer basket. You'll also get a heat-resistant spatula and transparent measuring beaker, so that you'll be ready to go.


Cleaning the kCook couldn't be easier: simply pop the lid and seal ring in the washing machine. The Quickstart recipe book and a highly practical recipe app give you a wealth of ideas and several useful suggestions and tips for making meals as healthy and easy as possible. Operating instructions and advice are shown live on the enclosed DVD. You'll be set up for this new level of easy food preparation in no time.


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