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Innovative grill from Tefal:
the first intelligent grill

The Tefal OptiGrill features "Automatic Sensor Cooking" a technology that immediately detects the number of items placed on the grill and their thickness, and adjusts the temperature and cooking time automatically. An indicator light helps you to monitor the doneness of your meat: rare, medium or well done. Six cooking programmes and a defrost mode, plus a manual mode lets you cook everything just the way you want it.

Grilling and barbecuing is becoming more and more popular – and not just in summer. The days when all put on the barbecue were just a couple of sausages that didn’t take much skill to cook properly are long gone. Nowadays it’s steaks, filets or expensive fish. You certainly don’t want this expensive food to be spoiled by incorrect cooking. You want your roast tender and juicy and your steaks done just the way you like them. The new Tefal OptiGrill guarantees success and perfect results every time. The device adjusts the two decisive parameters – temperature and time – automatically, so that you get full-flavoured, tender and juicy meat or fish. And the indicator light keeps you informed about how the process is going.

The key to achieving an optimal result is close control of the whole process. A high temperature at the start seals the juices in and produces a tasty crust and then the temperature in the interior of the meat will decide how rare or well done the meat is. If you’re cooking in a pan or a conventional grill it’s very difficult to control and optimise the cooking process so exactly – experience and intuition play an important role. But not everyone has the necessary experience. They need a Tefal OptiGrill! The technology is based on three patented inventions: the programme selection, the recognition system for thickness and number of pieces of meat and the indicator light. The interaction of these three systems is what produces the brilliant result. The indicator light depends on the combination of programme choice and automatic thickness and number recognition.

There are six cooking programmes (hamburgers, bacon, red meat, poultry, fish and seafood, and sausages) to automatically adapt the temperature to each type of food and cook it perfectly. The OptiGrill regulates the temperature automatically to achieve the perfect result. Depending on the type of meat, the grill will preheat for five to eight minutes. The top temperature to rapidly seal the meat is 250 °C.

Also patented is the Automatic Cooking Sensor technology. A sensor in the base of the grill measures the thickness of the food placed on the grill and sets the grilling parameters automatically. The temperature in the top grilling plate is measured continuously . The automatic system also identifies the number of pieces of food. 

An indicator light and a warning beep help you to monitor your cooking directly and check whether it is rare, medium or well-done, so that you can take it off the grill the moment it is done to suit your taste. At the end of the cooking time, the OptiGrill automatically switches into “Keep warm” mode so that there is no risk of your food being overcooked.

There is a defrost mode that lets you grill even deep frozen food without problems and a manual mode, for example, when you’re grilling vegetables or special dishes. The temperature then stays constant. 

The plates of the Tefal OptiGrill have a non-stick coating. They can be detached for cleaning and they’re dishwasher safe. The plates are angled at 7 degrees for optimal fat run-off during cooking. The fat and juices are collected in a large juice tray. 600 cm2 cooking surface is heated with a 2,000 Watt power supply. The “Auto-Off” function guarantees a high degree of safety. The grill comes with a special recipe book full of ideas and information for grilling with each of the different programmes. 

More information and products at www.tefal.com 

Source: becker döring communication