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Choosing apples it’s a question of horses for courses. Are you planning to make an apple cake or
American research investigates how hunger affects how you shop. If you go hungry to the supermarket
Americans have been eating frozen yoghurt for years. The basic mix of yoghurt and milk offers a
They look tempting and taste wonderful: glossy red, bright yellow or so dark as to be called black.
Freshly cut and decored slices of pineapple, scoops of melon, a small mixed salad with an envelope

Clothes that make the man – and the woman!

Fashion! Nothing renews itself so constantly as fashion. It's part of our lives – a statement, a visual declaration. Clothes make the man (or the woman) as Shakespeare quoted and the Swiss writer, Gottfried Keller, agreed. And there's more than a grain of truth in the age-old idiom. Our favourite pieces of clothing go with us through life. Wearing them is a feel-good factor and underlines our personality.

Successful blend of the newest trends and classic styles

Our aim has been to create exactly this type of highly wearable, popular clothes. The ingredients in our collection were tremendous attention to detail, setting the quality and durability bars very high, insisting our clothes items be easy to care for and easy to wear. This is where the latest trends meet familiar shapes, where classic designs form a symbiosis with high-tech materials and where splashes of on-trend colours give wardrobe essentials a new look.

Fashion is fun; especially if it offers versatile options for mixing and matching. And when a modular range of styles makes sure you're always dressed for the weather whatever the climate throws at you. From cosy fleece, superlight, functional jackets and gilets, roomy travel bags, soft sweatshirts, tough polo shirts, up-to-date surfaces make each and every article a top favourite. All clothing items are colour and size coordinated. They're function perfectly together so they're ideal for mixing and matching.

How we make sure your clothes look and feel great

Our clothes are made from materials manufactured and finished to the latest technical standards – Oeko-Tex 100 standard, dyes free of heavy metals, the latest printing processes, nickel-free accessories and reflectors. After all, it's what you would expect from Kesseböhmer. Find your next favourite clothing items in our online shop and enjoy 'Easy Shopping made by Kesseböhmer'!

Source: www.kesseboehmer.com