Nothing is more counterproductive when it comes to managing a household budget than those spontaneous shopping trips that always seem to get out of hand. So well planned and forward-looking shopping done with the aid of a shopping list is the basis for an organised system of food storage.

This will also save you lots of money by reducing the amount of food that you either just don’t need or that is past its use by date which you have to throw away.

On many levels, therefore, it is advisable to go shopping with a list that you have written beforehand – and to stick to it. First of all, you should check what supplies you already have and then work out what is missing. This will be easier and quicker if you store all your food in one part of the kitchen where possible. Ideally, you should keep your dry food in a pull-out larder such as the Convoy, and place products that need to be chilled in the fridge, which you should position right next to the larder unit. This allows you to see all your food, whether dry or chilled, at a glance.

Next, you should decide what foods are needed and how much space you have available to store them. It’s best to plan what meals you are going to prepare over the next few days in advance and add any missing ingredients to your shopping list. You should also work out whether you are going to have guests and whether you need any special foods which you would not ordinarily have on your list. 


When making bulk purchases, you must always bear in mind that you should only buy as much as you can store and, indeed, use. Therefore it is also really important to take note of best before dates when out shopping. This will help you to better plan how long you can keep the food before it must be consumed. Seasonal and regional produce comes highly recommended too, as it will help you to save money by not having to buy expensive imported goods. And at the same time you will be helping the environment because food transported by plane leaves a particularly huge carbon footprint.

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