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Are you planning on buying
a new kitchen?

Then you schould bear the
following points in mind:

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Rowenta is one of the most important international players in the highly competitive floorcare

Nowadays, many people are becoming increasingly concerned with
the environment and how to use its resources more carefully.

This interest can come to the fore in numerous different aspects of a person’s life: even when shopping you can help to protect the environment by practising a little awareness. Here are a few tips:

  • Do your shopping close to home if possible, or combine it with other trips, such as your journey to or from work
  • Give preference to regional products, particularly for basics such as bread, fruit, vegetables and potatoes
  • Shop at weekly markets
  • Give preference to products with little packaging and ensure that all packaging is disposed of in an environmentally-friendly way (glass in a bottle bank, deposit bottles returned)
  • Use seasonal products – they are more flavourful, contain more nutrients and are cheaper.
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