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9 tips to avoid wasting food

Make a tasty dish out of yesterday’s vegetables. Stop bread going mouldy or eggs getting stale? Plan your food shopping. Here are some of the best tips from an ideas competition organised by a German initiative dedicated to stopping food waste ( The Schleswig-Holstein Ministry for Energy, Agriculture, Environment and Rural Areas (MELUR) recently published the results.

Draw up a weekly eating plan and base your shopping list on that. For example, Monday a dish with potatoes boiled in their skins, Tuesday the extra potatoes fried (scrambled eggs is a good way to use up older eggs). Wednesday pasta with tomato sauce (use up leftover tomatoes) Thursday leftover pasta with some kind of sauce and any leftover vegetables simply spread in an ovenproof dish, covered with grated cheese and popped in the oven at 200 °C until the cheese has melted.

Fight the feeling “That’s won’t be enough, I need to buy more”. Usually you won’t need the extra food, and if you do run short, you can almost always find things in your store cupboard to create an extra dish.

Freeze leftover vegetables, rice, pasta or meat as the basis for a fast meal another day.

Cook with friends once a week. Each one brings along things they can’t possibly finish alone and together you can create a surprise menu.

Don’t buy cheap bread in a supermarket. You’ll find it only tastes good the first day when it’s fresh. If you buy bread from a traditional baker or farm stall, you’ll find your loaf still tastes good a week later, provided you’ve stored it properly.

Buy bread in amounts you can cope with. Most bakeries offer small loaves or they’ll sell you half a loaf. Keep bread in a paper bag to prevent mould and store it cut side down to stop it drying out.

If you couldn’t resist all those lovely vegetables going cheap, clean them, blanch them and freeze them as soon as you get them home. You’ll save time and money the next time round.

Mix leftover vegetables from yesterday into today’s freshly cooked vegetables. You could spread goats’ milk cheese on top and grill them to make a delicious meal served with a baguette.

Make stews that are big enough to feed the whole family for at least three meals. Separate out enough for one meal and then freeze the rest in portions for another day. You’ll save time and money and you won’t be wasting food.


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