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Picking your favourite apple

Choosing apples it’s a question of horses for courses. Are you planning to make an apple cake or is it going in a child’s lunch box? Are you baking your apples or making an apple pie? Some people prefer a slightly sour apple, others like them sweet; some prefer crisp fruit, others like a softer bite. SanLucar offers apples for every taste and a kind of apple-nav, which divides the most popular types of apple into three categories to help you find your favourite from the huge range available.

SanLucar sorts apples into three categories – fruity and sweet, acidic and crisp, or spicy – and offers apples for every taste. People who like sweet apples, should choose Gala or Golden Delicious. Sour and spicy apples, like Elstar or Cox’s Orange Pippin are good for apple cakes, while Braeburn and Granny Smith with their slightly acid flavour and crisp flesh are equally good to eat whole or cut up in a salad.

SanLucar expects its master growers to work towards harmony between people and the environment. They cultivate apples in the best production areas and harvest a range of optimally ripened fruit with something for every taste. The selected and qualified master growers are people who share with SanLucar a passion for great tasting fruit. SanLucar works together with its growers from the start to select the apple types to be grown so as to be able to offer the widest possible choice for every taste and every purpose. A sticker on each apple shows the type and taste category.

Source & pictures / More fruity information: www.sanlucar.com