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They look tempting and taste wonderful: glossy red, bright yellow or so dark as to be called black. Ripe cherries are so sweet and juicy that it’s hard to stop eating them. Cherries are sensitive to bruising, so it’s easy to tell whether or not you’re getting perfectly fresh fruit. Not many people are lucky enough to pick their own cherries, but be sure to buy the fruit as fresh as possible, like the luscious, sweet cherries from SanLucar.


These cherries are left to ripen on the tree as long as possible and harvested at peak ripeness. SanLucar cherries are sweet and crunchy. In colour, they’re an intensive dark red and totally irresistible. SanLucar offers cherries for every purpose and in different packaging – loose, packed in a smart wooden box or in a practical thermo-punnet. The premium protective packaging in particular makes sure that all the cherries reach the market undamaged, fresh and delicious. And it’s been like this from the start, the company has developed a culture of growing fruit with care and passion – in harmony with people and the environment.

During the summer months, cherries reach the German market from the orchards around Lake Constance and the Alte Land near Hamburg. One of the fruit growers is Jon Kotulla, with his farm south of the River Elbe. He’s been growing cherries for SanLucar for three years now, because he shares the company’s philosophy and is happy to work with SanLucar. “For me, SanLucar is more than just a customer for my cherries. On the contrary, we work together the whole year through towards our shared goal of harvesting the most succulent cherries,” is how Jon Kotulla describes the support he gets from SanLucar. From July until the middle of August, he’ll be picking cherries for SanLucar. At other times of the year, SanLucar cherries are sourced in Spain, Turkey and Italy. 

Source: www.sanlucar.com