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The new Silence Force Multicyclonic
from Rowenta

Rowenta is one of the most important international players in the highly competitive floorcare market. For years, the company has demonstrated how a high level of expertise, an innovative approach and exacting quality criteria can be bundled to produce bagless vacuum cleaners that thanks to their performance, low noise emissions, good ergonomics and attractive design are perfectly matched to consumer expectations. A recent European study shows that 43% of users of bagless vacuum cleaners want an appliance with a lower noise level. The latest innovation from Rowenta is the Silence Force Multicyclonic, a bagless vacuum cleaner that uniquely combines effectiveness, energy efficiency, constant suction power and unrivalled low noise emissions.

Full power and performance with constant
suction capacity

The strength of the Silence Force Multicyclonic lies in its multi-cyclone technology. In a two-stage process, the dust is separated from the air in an optimal way. During the first stage, the ingested air circulates around the central cyclone, causing the heaviest dust particles to be driven into the dustcatcher by centrifugal force. During the second phase the air flows through the four lateral cyclones that separate the finer dust particles from the air. At this point, as much as 99% of the dust will already have been removed. The remaining dust particles are then routed through three further filter stages (foam and HEPA-13 metal microparticle filters). The air leaving the vacuum cleaner is extremely clean – 99.98% free of dust particles. This technology helped the Silence Force Multicyclonic to achieve outstanding scores in various tests: On hard floors with joints dust pick-up was 100%, gaining the appliance an A-rating. On carpeted floors too, the Silence Force Multicyclonic is ahead of the best-selling products. The highly efficient motor is energy-saving and eco-friendly consuming no more than 750 Watt. This gains the appliance a class A rating for energy efficiency.

Pleasantly quiet

At just 68 db(A), the Silence Force Multicyclonic is the quietest multi-cyclone vacuum cleaner on the market. This low noise level is achieved by a chain of perfectly tuned components that regulate the air stream in optimal fashion and a special floating motor suspension that reduces vibrations.

Total ease of use, perfect ergonomics

With the new CLEAN EXPRESS™ ergo-system, the dustcatcher of the Silence Force Multicyclonic can be removed easily with one hand only and emptied in a single movement at the touch of a finger – a clean and user-friendly solution. The ergonomical handle of the Silence Force Multicyclonic is comfortable to hold. Because it can be gripped in a variety of ways, it makes for highly user-friendly vacuum cleaning without any risk of back strain. A telescopic crevice nozzle and an upholstery nozzle are included. A neat detail: is a furniture brush integrated directly in the handle and always to hand; the need for an extra brush while cleaning falls away.

The Silence Force Multicyclonic is available from September 2014.

For more information and products visit www.rowenta.com.


Source: becker döring communication