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Kaiser Creativ – bakeware for home cooking

Baking is still among the most popular creative hobbies. It’s really caught on, especially among the younger generation, who are full of new ideas, some garnered from confectioners, cupcake shops and coffee shops. Muffins, cupcakes and cake pops are part of the repertoire of home bakers.

And then there are push-up cakes, whoopie pies, cake bars and mini donuts. Kaiser has always had a feeling for trends and has been quick to offer up-to-date baking trays which make it easy to create imaginative creations. The company’s Creativ range for young bakers has now been expanded with new innovative products.

12 at a go

Small, neat cake bars are a trendy idea. They’re perfect to pack in a picnic box and take along, or to bag up as gifts. Pop them on sticks and you have easy-to-eat cake on a stick. Halved and filled with whipped cream and mango slices they are irresistible. Kaiser presents a new baking tray with a non-stick coating for making 12 mini cake bars at a go.

Mini donuts to take along

A basket of pretty mini donuts makes a delightful gift. Dribbled with icing and decorated with scattered coloured balls they can be piled up or stuck onto sticks to adorn party buffets or birthday parties. The non-stick baking tray from Kaiser’s Creativ range makes 12 mini donuts at a time.

Icecold cooling

If the summer is hot, Kaiser offers some icecold ideas for cooling down. Icecream cake creations are baked as small balls in a cake pop baking tray, then coated with chocolate or lemon icing and decorated with sprinkle. Enjoy them this summer topping an icecream cone.

Push-up moulds are another way of making delectable icecream confections. Layers of sponge cake or Victoria sponge are alternated with icecream and fresh fruit in these transparent moulds with lids to create exquisite sweet treats.

Muffins and cupcakes

Muffins and cupcakes are hugely popular – have you seen a cupcake wedding cake? Kaiser offers cupcake baking trays from mini to maxi – for 6, 12 or 24 muffins/cupcakes – all with a non-stick coating. Complementing them is the deco set consisting of a piping bag, a set of nozzles and a measuring cup – all you need to create beautiful cream icings and toppings.

More information and products at www.kaiser-backform.com.


Source: Blies PR