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Bread is back on the menu, even for dieters and muscle builders. But it’s bread with a new twist – high-protein bread. You can buy it at your local baker, in the supermarket and even as a ready-mix product to bake yourself. So how can a loaf of bread be largely made of protein? We took a closer look at this new product.

More protein, but more calories too

"More protein, fewer carbohydrates" – that’s the slogan. In other words these new, fashionable protein breads aren’t entirely free of carbohydrates. But look at this comparison: a slice of sunflower-seed bread has around 18 grams of carbohydrate and 3,5 grams protein. The ‘fitness’ variant has only 6 grams of carbohydrate and 14.5 grams protein. But here’s the rub – high-protein bread contains significantly more calories. There are two reasons for this. On the one hand the bread has almost three times as much fat. And then again a single slice weighs more.

Bread at a price to make you swallow twice

The packaging of most high-protein bread is designed to suggest sporty slimness, but manufacturers tend to recommend eating it with low-fat spreads and sandwich fillings. In other words, protein bread is not the answer to a dieter’s prayer – each slice delivers substantial calories. It tastes appetisingly nutty but not much like conventional bread. High-protein bread is beautifully moist and juicy and week-old bread still tastes good. The price is also pretty juicy, often double the price of a loaf of conventional bread.

There are other healthy alternatives

Has the world been waiting for a new sort of bread? Are there any alternatives that will supply protein without so many carbohydrates? Well, yes there are a great many other choices: how about tomatoes with mozzarella, carrot sticks with cottage cheese and herbs, or a cucumber salad with sheeps’ milk cheese?

Author: Joli Bertram