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Spring cleaning with Ecover’s environmentally-
friendly cleaning products

At the end of March, when the first rays of spring sunshine bring light into our homes and inspire us to start spring cleaning. The task can be made fun and done with a clear conscience thanks to environmentally friendly cleaning products from Ecover, which bring spring freshness into every home.

The sustainable cleaning products from Ecover such as glass cleaner, multi-purpose cleaner and floor soap aim to give you a shiny, feel-good home, and they are effective without any unnecessary environment-damaging chemicals. Ecover no longer uses artificial colours and fragrances or foam boosters and optical brighteners, because these things can be hazardous in contact with our skin and home and that can go down the drain and enter the water cycle. Ecover, by contrast offers naturally pleasant smelling cleaning products which, apart from naturally occurring minerals, are completely biodegradable.

Ecover Multi-Purpose Cleaner is a special all-round cleaner which reliably removes fat and stubborn dirt from all washable hard surfaces using organic cleaning agents. It uses organic surfactants based on renewable raw materials such as sugar and rapeseed oil grown in Europe. These have excellent cleaning properties. Its production is extremely energy efficient and environmentally friendly. The use of bio-surfactants in cleaning products is patented by Ecover and is also found also in the Ecover rinse aid, power foam and glass cleaner. Even the Ecover packaging is more than just a beautiful design: the bottles are made of 25 percent recycled plastic and 75 percent "green" polyethylene – a plastic that is made from sugar cane waste, a renewable resource.

Introducing the spring cleaning wizards
from Ecover

Ecover “Lemon” Multi-Purpose Cleaner: from kitchen worktops to the bathroom floor, the all-purpose cleaner effectively removes grease and stubborn stains with the power of organic agents. As this product is pH neutral, it is extremely gentle on the skin.

Ecover Floor Soap: Cleans all natural and untreated floors thoroughly and quickly. Nourishes with natural linseed oil and protects against stains.

Ecover Glass Cleaner: Provides a streak-free shine thanks to the strength of its organic contents.

All Ecover products are available from well-stocked health food stores and drug stores, selected supermarkets and in the Ecover Online Store at www.ecoverdirect.com