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The compact kitchen all-rounder

It's a mini compact food processor and chopper in one:

The FDM100 Multipro Micro.

It is compact, with small parts and brings healthy meals to the table in no time at all. The FDM100 Multipro Micro from Kenwood is the ideal assistant for small kitchens. It has been awarded the renowned iF product design award for its functional and elegant design. The compact all-rounder combines a small food processor and a shredder making it a space saving as well as a practical device. The technical equipment is of very high quality, the upper attachment with the cutting disc sends chopped items directly into a container. The chopping and slicing blades can prepare carrots and potatoes for a soup, for example. The four-winged blade system “Quadblade” makes light work of crushing or chopping harder things, like nuts for a cake. The powerful 500 watt motor and the large silver-coloured die-cast metal casing make the inner strength of the chopper visible from the outside.

The four stainless steel blades of the “Quadblade” system work much faster than the two bladed system of conventional devices and ensure a more uniform consistency of puree. The device does the cutting and slicing with only one blade and it is very easy to change the function. The best part is that the disc rotates directly under the upper attachment thus sending chopped items directly into a pan or bowl.

Mayonnaise function and more finesse

The well planned design of the Kenwood-quality device is also reflected in other details. For example, in the lid of the blender there is a special opening through which liquid or spices can be gradually added when mixing ingredients, like oil in mayonnaise. The measuring scale on the container helps portioning and its transparency means you can see exactly what you are mixing. Robust anti-slip feet give the FDM100 a secure footing all the time. Finally, operation and cleaning of the device could not be simpler. Elegant on the outside and strong on the inside, the FDM100 Mulitpro Micro is easily Kenwood at its best.

More information about De’Longhi Group products at: www.delonghi.com, www.kenwoodworld.com and www.braunhousehold.com