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Ecover re-invents itself and puts modern spin on “environmentally friendly”

We all know what it is like: Everyday life awaits with monotonous tasks such as the weekly trip to the shops, paying bills and doing the laundry. It is time for us to liberate ourselves from the dullness of these chores and to introduce colour into our lives at last! Ecover shows us how we can achieve this while simultaneously making the world a little bit better. This producer of environmentally friendly cleaning products has given itself a makeover, presenting itself with a new and completely revamped look.

Where environmental credentials are concerned, there can be no compromise: Ecover products have been both effective and particularly gentle to people and the environment for the past 35 years. Ecover recently proved that ecologically sound behaviour and beautiful design are not mutually exclusive: plastic refuse was collected from the sea and turned into new, beautifully shaped bottles for the “Ocean Plastic” project. This principle is now also reflected in the new design of the entire range of products. Ecover is pursuing an entirely new direction with a design that is feminine, colourful, clear and modern. This clearly distinguishes it from the vast majority of soberly designed cleaning products. Stylised pictorial elements succinctly illustrate what makes Ecover unique, and also provide hints as to the products’ uses. Thanks to this new design, Ecover is therefore using colour to become even more transparent. One might say that these are the first household products that have nothing to hide!

The bottles have been improved not only in terms of design, but also from an environmental perspective, so that they conserve even more natural resources: The body of the bottle no longer consists entirely of sugar-cane-based plastic, but is instead made of a plastic mix. This consists of 75 per cent plant-based plastic and 25 per cent recycled plastic. This makes it possible for Ecover to save even more natural resources. Amidst all of these changes, there is a constant: the environmentally friendly premium quality. As in the past, harmful mineral-oil-based chemicals are not simply left out but instead replaced by innovative and highly effective plant-based ingredients. This pioneering quality makes Ecover products a true alternative to conventional cleaning products. The new products are already available in shops and online at www.ecoverdirect.com.

Monique Klebsattel, Country Marketing Manager at Ecover says: “We are pleased that environmentally friendly products are becoming more and more normal and appeal to an increasingly large target group. That is why we put a lot of thought into the fundamental redesign of our brand presentation in the run-up to our 35-year anniversary. It centres on inspiration drawn from nature, which we have made use of since the establishment of Ecover. The result is an incredibly fresh, feminine, bright and colourful concept that makes Ecover very attractive. We have a lot to say and we say it succinctly with elements that speak for themselves.” Whether you use them for laundry, cleaning or washing-up, the environmentally friendly Ecover products are reliable helpers in environmentally friendly households, and they continue to be known for a series of characteristics:

Environmentally friendly premium quality

For 35 years Ecover has stood for exceptional quality that combines excellent cleaning properties with gentleness to humans and to the environment.

An environmentally friendly factory

Ecover built the first environmentally friendly factory in the world in 1991 in Malle, Belgium. Its intelligent construction technique means that less energy is used to regulate the temperature, which reduces CO2 emissions. The 6,000 m2 roof of the Belgian factory is covered with evergreen grasses, which store water and in this way provide natural isolation for the high rooms. As a result of optimal use of daylight, very little artificial illumination is necessary. Since 2006 there has even been a second environmentally friendly factory in Boulogne-sur-Mer, France.

Plant-based ingredients

Ecover has always used renewable plant-based and mineral ingredients. Ecover products are free of unnecessary and questionable chemicals including optical brighteners, foam-enhancing agents, phosphates and phosphonates. Ecover also eschews the use of chlorine and artificial colouring and fragrances.


Thanks to Ecover’s plant-based ingredients and the absence of unnecessary chemicals that are not readily degradable, all ingredients (with the exception of naturally occurring minerals) are entirely biodegradable. Ecover products are therefore suitable even for biofilters.


In beehives a particular type of yeast plant manages to combine sugar and oil under favourable conditions. Ecover has drawn inspiration from this natural process to produce so-called bio-surfectants from sugar and rapeseed oil using a very low-energy process. European rapeseed oil is used instead of natural resources from faraway lands. These bio-surfectants are particularly effective and, at the same time, very gentle to skin. They are used in the all-purpose cleaner, the cream scrub and the window cleaner, as well as the rinse aid.

Dermatologically tested

Many Ecover products are dermatologically tested and suitable even for sensitive skin. These include products for laundry care and washing-up liquid, as well as the Ecover Zero products, which are ideal for people with allergies.

Leaping Bunny

The animal-rights organisation Cruelty Free International has awarded the entire Ecover range the Leaping Bunny seal. This was preceded by a rigorous independent review of all production processes. The Humane Household Products Standard (HHPS) certification confirms that neither the ingredients nor the finished products are at any point in the supply chain tested on animals.

Ecover even makes sustainability measurable

The diamond model is a testing system developed over the course of many years of pioneering work, encompassing the entire concept of the Ecover product philosophy. In contrast to other established certification processes and seals of ecological soundness, the diamond model examines the product’s entire ecological cycle. It takes into consideration the entire product cycle, from the harvesting of the raw materials via the product’s use to its biodegradation. Effectiveness is considered a top priority in the diamond model: Products that do not fulfil their purpose are a waste of energy and water. The study’s findings provide a precise ecological fingerprint that, ideally, forms a large, even diamond with 13 facets. This makes it possible to make direct comparisons of the performance and sustainability of all commercially available products. The Ecover diamond is employed in the development of all products. It ensures that Ecover takes into consideration all necessary aspects during product development.

For more information and products, visit www.ecover.com


Source: sieben&siebzig GmbH