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Over 4 million users and data on 50 million

Vivino, the leading win app with over four million users worldwide is now available not only in English but also in French, German, Italian, Spanish and Portuguese, so that it covers most of the big wine-drinking regions. German is the most recent addition – there are currently over 51,000 users in Germany.


“Although we were initially only available in English, our growth was phenomenal,” says Heini Zachariassen, Vivino founder and CEO. “Adding new languages we expect to grow not only the number of users, but also the number of wines stored.”

With data available on over 50 million wines, Vivino has become the biggest, community-based, mobile wine database in the world. There are close to 130,000 German wines listed in the database. Users can quickly find a specific wine, read its reviews, find its average price and find a supplier – all for free. “Vivino is for people who want to know what genuine wine fundis like to drink, not what professional wine critics say they ought to drink,” says Zachariassen. “Our size alone lets us scan our database much faster and more efficiently for the right wine. It offers our users an enormous pool of reviews from wine users around the world.”

Freely available in the App Store and from Google Play, Vivino is the number 1 among the wine apps. It’s simple to use, intuitive and fun. Once you’ve got the app on your smartphone, you simply scan any wine label to see all the information you might want about the vineyard, the wine, nearby suppliers and wine/food pairings. You can share your tasting notes with other people, for instance via Facebook and Twitter.

About Vivino

Vivino was founded in 2009 and helps wine lovers to discover and evaluate wines. A free app lets you scan a wine label and, using sophisticated image recognition technology, to compare the images with millions of wines in a database. You can use it to remember wines you tasted and link with other wine lovers, check out published wine reviews and to swap experiences with other people on Facebook, Twitter and via email. The app is available for iPhones and Android devices.


More information at www.vivino.com


Source: Organize Communications GmbH